Native Hibiscus

Native Hibiscus: We have 4 native hibiscuses to choose for our gardens that are indigenous to this area; they are Hibiscus diversifolia (Swamp Hisbiscus), Hibiscus heterophyllus (Native Rosella), Hibiscus splendens (Pink Hibiscus) and Hibiscus tiliaceus (Cottonwood).

Hibiscus diversifolia, heterophyllus and splendens are all shrubs with attractive flowers. H. diversifolia flowers in autumn and likes moist sunny conditions, H. heterophyllus and H. splendens flower in spring and summer and autumn and are very hardy. Tip pruning of all species will encourage compact growth that is great habitat for small birds.

Hibiscus tiliaceus is a small tree to 10m that is well suited to seaside gardens and will tolerate a wide range of conditions.

All species are easy to propagate from cutting or seed.

These plants are available from Sea Acres Rainforest Centre for a $3.00 donation to Landcare.

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Hibiscus splendens
Hibiscus diversifolia

Hibiscus heterophyllus