Ficus coronata - Creek Sand Paper Fig

The Creek Sandpaper Fig is the smallest of the Ficus spp that would be suitable for a garden. Its' leaves feel like soft sandpaper and the fruit is much sort after by birds such as Figbird, Green Catbird, Olive backed Oriole and the Topknot Pigeon.

The endangered Grey headed Flying fox is a frequent forager for the succulent fruit.

The tree will reach a height of 15mtrs when growing under ideal conditions of moist areas with little frost. It does lend itself to pruning to keep it under control.

The fruit is ripe when purple black and sweet and edible, take care to avoid the rigid hairs on the outside of the fruit.

The fruit produces numerous seeds which can be propagated by pulping the flesh, removing the seeds and sowing. A great plant to share with friends or to help in fund raising activities and it will help our Native Birds and the endangered Grey headed Flying Fox.

These plants are available from Sea Acres Rainforest Centre for a $3.00 donation to Landcare.

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