Senna Acclinis

A rare Australia Senna whose common name is Brush Senna. It is an erect shrub with open yellow flowers and is found on the margins of the rainforest. It flowers during summer and needs to be grown in a warm frost free location in well drained soil. The flowers are followed by long, narrow flat seedpods that turn dark brown when the seed is ripe. Each pod contains numerous seeds which are easily germinated using the hot water method. (soak seeds in water just off the boil, dry and plant immediately).

FACT: Currently 65% of "new" weeds being dealt with by Mid North Coast Weeds officers are garden "escapees". In the near future this figure is expected to rise to over 80%. This creates a major problem for local councils as each council only has one weeds officer. These "escapees" are usually plants which are very easy to propagate and are often used in fund raising activities. They include agapanthus, impatiens, butterfly flower, Formosa lily and asparagus fern.

Senna acclinis is an easy plant to propagate, making it an ideal choice to share with neighbours, friends or to use in fund raising activities and it helps our environment.

These plants are available from Sea Acres Rainforest Centre for a $3.00 donation to Landcare.

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