The Port Macquarie Landcare - Blair Reserve project commenced officially in 2004 with the construction of a raised boardwalk, to which concrete paths have been progressively added. Walking paths now link Hart, Hassall and Pettit Streets and provide ready access to the oval and children's play equipment in Blair Street. The total area is 3.13 hectares.

Blair Reserve forms a critical link in the system of vegetated corridors that link many parts of the Port Macquarie urban area, thus allowing enhanced movement of native wildlife from one area to another. Three threatened species are included in the 72 birds, 5 frogs and 3 mammals found within Blair Reserve. The Koala is a regular feature on a walk through the Reserve. The local volunteers making up the Blair Reserve team have alone provided nearly 20,000 hours of labour, removing/mulching weeds and adding over 15,000 plants (including 3,000 Koala food trees).

The Blair Reserve team works in conjunction with Hastings Council, local schools and the Green Gym to improve wildlife habitat and the visual amenity of Blair Reserve. One example of cooperation with local schools occurred in December 2008 when 21 Port Macquarie High School students arrived by coach at Blair Reserve, ready to support the on-going Landcare / Hastings Council project. They joined 8 volunteers on site, and some 895 plants were added to the Reserve in a mighty combined effort during the four hour period. The work included weeding, digging holes for plants and then placing the plants in the ground, mulching and watering.

The Blair Reserve team is gradually restoring this valuable piece of bushland by replacing invasive pest (introduced) plants with indigenous native species. This includes planting in and along two creek-lines, actually in the creek bed with water loving grasses and sedges, and in the adjacent riparian zone. These plants will be beneficial in preventing erosion and in providing excellent habitat for local wildlife.

Members of the public are invited to enjoy the walk through the Reserve (accessed from Hart, Hassall, Pettit or Blair Streets' and particularly to join the happy team of volunteers. For more information:

Estelle Gough
Phone: 0432 141 605
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