The story of this site is about who you know and networking. It includes four land managers and five organisations.

It began when Bill Peel met Estelle Gough, 6 years ago. Bill and Thomas had just bought their pad at Seachange and Bill was volunteering for Council and Land-care.

The work began on Seachange land then expanded to Council land and into the gardens of both Seachange and Flynns on Surf (a neighbouring resort). National Parks and Wildlife Service then shifted their management focus in Macquarie Nature Reserve to meet up with the Landcare work. Conservation Volunteers Australia and East Port High have also sweated on the site, along with residents and resort managers Richard and Caroline, (who do a mean morning tea).

In the last year Bill has recorded at Seachange more than 60 birds including a rare Rose Robin as well as threatened species such as Powerful Owl, Koala, Black Bittern and Grey-Headed Flying Fox.

Our greatest success to date (apart from the cooperation of land managers) is the arrival of a Brush Turkey 18 months ago and the establishment of an active mound on the Council reserve outside Flynns on Surf's swimming pool, which is a great boon to Richard and Caroline's business.

Both properties are participating in the Council's 'Weed Swap', removing many, many Liriope.

Our challenges are to maintain our net-work, remove the remaining Syngonium and get the upstream portion of Wrights Creek under bush regeneration. NOT MUCH TO ASK, but we are working on it! See Wrights and Yarranabee Creeks Project for details on how we have started at the top of both these catchments of which this project is now part.

Estelle Gough
Phone: 0432 141 605
nursery @ landcareportmac.com.au

Estelle Gough and Richard De Waal (resort manager) and our wonderful team of volunteers

Turkey mound