The Nobby's Beach Landcare site covers the area between Nobby�s Beach headland and Flynn's Beach. Nobby�s is one of the few dog leash free beaches in Port Macquarie. The idea of forming a Landcare group goes back to 2009 when a number of people - including Randall Smallwood (an experienced Landcarer); Ed and Kelly Laming; Heather Rawson; Rob Eddy; Nicky, Jeremy and Daniel Rourke; Bill Webster; and Jill and Ron Keating- became well acquainted through regularly exercising their hounds at the beach.

They became enthused about the idea of making it a site and after some administrative delays the first working bee was held in November 2010, with 14 people turning out. There are now 25 active members and an average of 16 on site each month working with direction and support from Randall and Port Macquarie Hastings Council�s knowledgeable Ecological Officer, Bill Peel.

The project has $15,000 of Bitou Threat Abatement Plan (TAP) funding for bush regeneration crews, and $45,000 in-kind from PMHC for spraying, admin and ecological studies that is managed by Council. Apart from hot summer conditions, the size and slope of the site, and excessive amounts of litter collected and removed each working bee, a challenge has been providing those members with weekend work commitments the opportunity to participate, so we currently alternate the monthly working bees between a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning. New members are always welcome.

Project Manager:
Isobel Joiner Ph: 6582-6437 (h)

Nobby�s Beach infested with Bitou Bush Daniel Rourke, Kelly Laming, Jeremy Rourke, Randall Smallwood, Ed Laming

Nobbys Beach headland June 2011 following initial bitou spraying