This project is one where the local people have decided to help themselves and at the same time help their local environment. Ably led by Joy Rodwell (an experienced Landcare member) trained by Sue Baker of Friends of Kattang, the local walking group decided to tackle the weeds and rubbish that was overcoming the natural assets of Queens Lake.

This area is ecologically significant, boasting an ecological endangered community of Swamp Oak Forest and several threatened species: Glossy Black Cockatoo, Powerful Owl and Yellow-bellied Gliders that are either residents or visitors to the site. The other ecological communities present are Wet Sclerophyll Forest and Mangrove Forest. The area of .26 ha is threatened by weed invasion of bird-dispersed species from neighbouring urban gardens and water-bourne weeds arriving via stormwater drains.

Early challenges included: working out who the project's neighbours are, where the boundaries are located (it always hurts to weed someone else's property) and getting to know how the site will respond over time to the weeding interventions that to date are only 8-10 weeks old.

Project Manager
Joy Rodwell (0429330593)
Email (joyhenderson23@hotmail.com

Original Scope of the Project

Phases of the Project