Welcome to the Widderson Street Landcare Site. This site was originally a neglected parcel of land, nearly in the centre of town, adjacent to Westport High School, Historic Douglas Vale Winery, and Westport Primary School. This site had always held a lot of potential for revegetation. Port Macquarie Landcare was given the task to revegetate and maintain the site.

The work commenced in 2007 under the supervision of Jai Cooper (site co-ordinator) with the assistance of Hastings Council, on the installation of timber bollards along the access road, to stop motor vehicles being parked under the canopy of trees.

This work was then quickly followed by mass plantings into the designated replanting areas

Volunteers are always welcome. This area was planted out on a 'Corporate Volunteer Planting Day' with staff members from GE Money, Port Macquarie, supervised by Landcare stalwart Estelle and other Landcare members.

Hastings Council carried out some drainage works to improve the flow of stormwater runoff

The site has many regular visitors and permanent residents. Birds, Animals and Insects are regularly spotted on the site and are expected to increase in number and variety as the plants continue to grow.

The site had an extensive make over in 2016 with the removal of all the mature Camphor Laurel onsite and the subsequent replanting of the site on National Tree Day of the same year. Landcare continue to maintain the site.

Estelle Gough
Phone: 0432 141 605
nursery @ landcareportmac.com.au
Corporate Volunteer Planting Day 2008

Results in 2009