History of Port Macquarie Landcare Group

Books are available for sale at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre.

The arrival of European settlers into Birpai country triggered a changing environment which would negatively impact so many local species of fauna and flora. For more than 20 years, Landcare has been working to regenerate the bushland and wildlife corridors around and in Port Macquarie.

This stunning book gives an insight into the wonderful projects completed by the Port Macquarie Landcare group over the years. One example is the beautiful Lilypond in Mimosa Reserve – where once there was an old dam with masses of Lantana, the Landcare volunteers have created a tranquil koala habitat mixed with rainforest. 

Current projects are also covered in the book, including weed clearing and regeneration of Queens Lake Walking Trail – a haven for more than 95 bird species. Landcare volunteers work to foster and consolidate this avian diversity. The Koala Corridor from Rosendahl Reserve to Yarranabee Creek is another important project, providing a safe path for koalas and all the wildlife using the corridor.

The Landcare Nursery has a delightful story, starting on the balcony of a unit – the home of one of Landcare’s members, and growing over the years into today’s Nursery in Blackbutt Road.

Learn about all the wonderful volunteers and the many others who contribute to Landcare work to regenerate Port Macquarie’s bushlands. These include Hastings Council, contractors, Services Clubs, Work for the Dole participants, and many others.

Discover the many ways children have been involved in Port Macquarie Landcare including young students at Hastings Public School planting a variety of young native trees in the school’s rainforest. The skills these children learn will stay with them for life.

This beautiful book, which celebrates the ambitious achievements of all those involved in Port Macquarie Landcare, has hundreds of photos and is filled with all sorts of useful information about bush regeneration, weed control, etc. There is also a section on the EnviroTrust Project – a project with two objectives – to restore habitat, and to increase community awareness of the values of native vegetation.

Be inspired by this wonderful journey of urban bush regeneration – pick up your copy of the book at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, Port Macquarie.

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