Mahogany Hill

Since 2002, Landcare has been restoring the old quarry at Mahogany Hill for koalas and other wildlife.

Since 2002, Landcare has been restoring the old quarry at Mahogany Hill for koalas and other wildlife. Mother koalas and their joeys use this area, making it 'prime' habitat.

Old growth sclerophyll forest remains on part of the site, and this has been managed for weed control. The rest had been quarried, leaving a bare clay pit. It was littered with dumped rubbish, and subject to flooding that extended to nearby homes.

With the help of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, 6 truckloads of builders waste and weeds were carted away, feral trees were felled, and a compacted clay berm was built to control runoff. Through Hastings Landcare, Council provided $3000 in Environmental Levy Grant money to restore native vegetation. This was matched by 1000 hours of volunteer work by community groups.

Landcarers mulched large sections, and planted 600 koala food trees and wattles (which fix nitrogen). Natural regeneration is now transforming the former wasteland into an inviting bushland retreat, and soil erosion is under control.

Conservation Volunteers Australia erected post-and-rail fences around regenerating areas, with materials provided by Council. A large area in the middle of the quarry was retained as an adventure play area, where local kids play on bike jumps using piles of earth provided by Landcare.

The quarry has wet areas and infertile soils but swamp mahoganies thrive there, acting as living pumps and growing with surprising speed. Control of weedy grasses and garden escapes such as Mother of Millions, keep Landcare busy there.

Motor vehicles are excluded from this project, which forms an important part of green wildlife corridors through Port Macquarie. It also meets the needs of local people for passive recreation, play, and participation in a rewarding activity.

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