Merinda Reserve

Two new homes were recently established in the Merinda Reserve at Port Macquarie.

Two new homes were recently established in the Merinda Reserve at Port Macquarie. These sturdy dwellings were constructed by the handy craftsmen at Douglas Vale, using only the finest natural timbers (one also comes with carpet).

Mounted high on eucalypt trees and overlooking the bushland canopy, the homes have a picturesque south-easterly aspect. The residences would be well suited to either a feathered or furry family, with tendencies for nocturnal habits.

A relatively quiet area within a koala corridor, this bushland cul-de-sac has only occasional pedestrian traffic. However, the Koala Hospital staff has been seen relocating various individuals to the area over the years.

Neighbours will include the highly reproductive Tawny Frogmouth family (parents annually producing 3 or 4 chicks) but who pretty much keep to themselves, the rowdy galahs nesting in the old hollow, and a diamond python snake. Numerous other birds will fly in and out on the area depending on seasons, and the koalas will be constantly climbing the tree next door and keeping you up nights when mating in Spring and Summer.

With the assistance of several Landcare members and volunteers, the homes were erected in no time at all. A 9am start saw numerous neighbours arrive on site with ladders, hammers, socket set spanners, cordless tools, nails and screws - and the prefabricated homes.

The construction event was well catered, with fresh cakes and biscuits enjoyed along with hot and cold beverages late in the morning.

A good excuse for a neighbourhood get-together for the festive season.

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